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We supply products for Satellites and Launch Vehicles. All our products delivered from well experienced manufacturers with all the Quality and traceability certifications.

  • On board electronics and HiRel parts.
  • Payload supporting Systems
  • Sensors, Valves, Fasteners
  • Special Metals & Cryogenic materials
  • Structural Materials, Precision and quality Metallic /Nonmetallic parts and components
  • Ground Support Equipments

Satellite communication

UMAC satellite communication business we offer the products from well known manufacturers with field-proven and are deployed in operational ground station sites around the world. Most of the major satellite manufacturers employ the same manufacturer’s products for factory test of the critical RF links for multiple satellite and spacecraft families.

  • Antenna Systems
  • Satellite Communication Subsystems
  • Satellite RF & Communication Equipment
  • Telecom Payload Technology
  • Satellite Ground Stations and Equipment
  • Advanced Test Systems
  • Secure Communication Networks