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About Us

For more than thirty years UMAC has been supporting the aerospace and defense industries in the distribution of various products and consultancy services. UMAC have built an enviable reputation by working with and listening to our customers, their requirements and aspirations. When appointed by a manufacturer to represent them as a distributor, UMAC understands they become a partner. Through the integration of our growing number of manufacturers worldwide, we are harnessing the power of sustainable, quality-driven growth to continue enhancing the value we bring to our customers.

With UMAC products we are the leader in sourcing and supplying of various customized products like components, parts, equipments, systems, structural materials to aerospace industries. Our techno-commercial team is dedicated and experienced, and our extensive pedigree and qualifications prove our quality and compliance standards. We associate with customers and manufacturers, providing valuable technical expertise at both the components, equipments and materials.

UMAC also invests time and training for its entire staff, therefore being in a position to offer the quality technical assistance when required.

UMAC recognises the importance of establishing long-term relationship with customers and manufacturers. One of the key features of our growth and success has been our honest and trustworthy promises in delivering quality approved materials on time.

We understand that accurate delivery schedules empower our customers to meet their deadlines, which results in combined success for all the stakeholders in the supply chain. Partnering with customers and suppliers alike, we provide unique management solutions, adding significant flexibility in the supply chain.

We have a solid corporate culture and conduct ourselves with integrity and sound business ethics, in a professional, able and responsive manner, with a positive, friendly, fair and respectful attitude. We strive to comply with the respective legislation and regulations concerning employees, environmental protection and labor safety and to work towards reducing detrimental effects on humans and the environment.